pulpo a la gallega

By: saidemily

Sep 14 2012

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Category: food, photography, spain, traveling

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Two months ago, I went to Madrid for the sole purpose of eating tapas and drinking sangria. Now I’m not sure why I decided to drink all the sangria I wanted, because by the time we got to the second glass of wine I started to feel tipsy (I’m a lightweight). Luckily I managed to make it through the end and thank goodness for that, because I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the last dish of the night: pulpo a la gallega, or galician style octopus. I have never in my life tasted octopus so tender; in Japan, octopus is usually very chewy, and that’s the way everybody likes it. But this melts in your mouth… literally. And I mean, literally! I can’t stop thinking about this dish, even though it’s been two months since I went to Madrid. I would highly recommend the octopus in Madrid, even if you don’t like it, this’ll make you a fan!


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