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May 09 2012

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Since coming back from Morocco all my friends and coworkers have been itching to know what it was like. Everybody always has questions about the food, the living situation, and the people, but I always get this question: “What made you want to go to Morocco?” Now I could give you many different answers. I could say I wanted to go for the food, to discover new cultures, expand my horizons, or other promotional brochure literature. But the two real reasons have nothing to do with that. One of them was because I played the popular video game Uncharted 3. Anybody who’s ever played the game would understand that the storyboarding and the graphics in that game, especially when they’re in the Arabian desert, are just muthaeffin’ awesome.

The second reason, and the main one really, involves a film about a suave, smooth-talking man and his adventures in the Middle East. No, I’m not talking about Lawrence of Arabia. I’m talkin’ Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yeah, you read that right. I decided to go to Morocco because of Indiana JonesHow I decided to go to a North African country when both the film and the game took place in the Middle East eludes me… but regardless, who says that watching movies and playing games all day would amount to nothing?

Reasons or not, Morocco is definitely a destination that should be on everyone’s list. I would definitely recommend riding camels into the Sahara desert, like what I’ve posted here. Camels are pretty comfy to ride on, and when night falls, you can see the stars. And I mean all of the stars. I wish I figured out how to manage the long exposure on my camera beforehand. But I can guarantee you that no photo can measure up to the real thing. Just make sure you work those leg muscles, because walking up a sand dune is serious business!


One comment on “sahara”

  1. love the photo! I’m in love with Morocco and Sahara! Agree, riding is comfy : )

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