camel burger

By: saidemily

Apr 06 2012

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Category: food, morocco, photography, traveling

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It’s been a while! I was away for the past 3 weeks on vacation. I spent 2 weeks touring the beautiful country of Morocco and a brief stopover in London for a weekend. Needless to say, it’s rough being back; I landed on Sunday night, and went straight to work Monday morning. Work this week was so. slow. and I’m very glad it’s the weekend. But I’m missing vacation, but specifically missing Morocco the most.

If anyone’s never been to Morocco, go. Right now. It’s a beautiful country, the people are nice (contrary to what you might see on TV), and it’ll probably be so different from anything you’ve ever experienced. I will definitely be heading back as soon as I get enough vacation time. But meanwhile, pictures of past memories will have to do. Like for instance, this camel burger here. I am all for eating exotic foods. Like Anthony Bourdain said on the Daily Show last night: “If there isn’t at least a 50% chance of diarrhea, it’s not worth eating.” Our guide bought us to this lunch spot in the city of Fes which consisted of  a tiny, cubicle-sized eating area that only locals can find in the medina. Oh and yes, it was delicious. However, there were so many spices and flavoring in the meat, so we couldn’t really taste the camel meat itself. Nevertheless, it was still very tasty and definitely another exotic food achievement under my belt.


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