lemon bar remix

By: saidemily

Jan 10 2012

Category: cooking, photography, sweet

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Google “Lemon Bars” and like many pastries, you’ll be inundated with tons of recipes from the ‘classic’ to the ‘best’ and everything in between. Lemon bars are one of the many desserts I’ve always wanted to try but there’s just too many recipes. Each has a variation in flour, zest, lemon juice and some just dump the whole lemon in there like the classic lemon tart (oh, let’s not start with that either). It never ends really. And the fact that they all either boast their award-winning greatness or celebrity chef-ness doesn’t help either. But all the end products look like the same yellow square with a buttery crust, dusted with lots of powdered sugar. How can there be 4389012 ways to make such a mundane-looking item?

So I decided to play around a bit, and find out what I could change to mark my starting point for a different genre of lemon bar. The first thing was, most definitely, the powdered sugar. In my opinion, powdered sugar does not photograph well. Wait, rephrase: I can’t photograph powdered sugar well. But regardless, it’s a throwaway. A functional garnish that doesn’t really function well. It’s like sprinkling parsley flakes on a dish that really has nothing to do with parsley. It does nothing. So that went away. After that… I hit a wall. Pictured above is what that wall looked like. To be honest, the only thing that’s different is the addition of blackberries in the bar, which makes for a more vibrant presentation than just powdered sugar. It’s nothing much but hey, it’s a starting point, right?


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