punkin anything

By: saidemily

Nov 26 2011

Category: cooking, photography, sweet

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Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Today is my friend’s Thanksgiving party at her new house, and like any party I go to, I always arrive with baked goods in tow. Not just because I feel I should bring something, but as an experimental cook I need taste testers. Big parties usually guarantee I’ll never have leftovers. But the best part is: I’m cooking for long time old friends and they’ll eat anything. I remember once I brought seven layer rainbow cookies to a different party (with people I did and didn’t know) and there was this one girl who was picking the chocolate coating off the cookies while saying “I only like chocolate!” and left the almond cake sandwiches in the wastebin. She apologized and I, being a lady, just smiled and said it was fine. It wasn’t.

But tonight I won’t have to worry about that, especially since my friends love pumpkin. Actually, love is an understatement. We love it so much we have affectionally dubbed it “punkin.” And since we love punkin anything, I have not only made one, but two punkin items, the pictured being the pumpkin biscuits (the other will come in a later post). I love biscuits and pumpkin pie, and these taste like pumpkin pie in biscuit form. I’m already getting full on scraps as we speak.


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