tomato mosaic

By: saidemily

Nov 23 2011

Category: cooking, food, photography, savory


Focal Length:20mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the majority of us (or rather, our parents) will be roasting a giant bird or some other type of protein in their oven. However, that does not mean we should disregard vegetables and side dishes! In my opinion, the stuffing, mashed potatoes, rice pilaf, Chinese broccoli, etc. are the best parts of the meal. But what I really wish we had are slow-roasted tomatoes. Alas, perhaps this is my yearning for summer ever since chilly fall weather started this week. But back in August, before all this cold rain (and accompanied traffic… I’m looking at you red Toyota Yaris driving 40MPH on I-80E) I took this photo when I roasted a couple pints of red grape and yellow cherry tomatoes with some olive oil, Okinawan yuzu sea salt and fresh black pepper. Three hours later, I took the whole pan, juices and all, and mixed it with some fresh mozzarella… and nothing else. Like many food celebrities say: if you already have good ingredients, only simple preparation is needed.

Also, my seafood disliking friend Jon, from (shoutout!), has brought to my attention that most of my posts have been about seafood. Duly noted, my good sir! I will make sure to never discriminate against seafood-averse readers in future posts! Starting with uh, pictures of tomatoes?


2 comments on “tomato mosaic”

  1. This is really thinking out of the box!

  2. Simple preparation, simple ingredients – simply stunning!

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